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Free Water Parameter Testing

ARC Reef will test your aquarium’s water absolutely free of charge.

As a thank you to all our loyal customers, we now offer free water testing. We want your little slice of the reef to be an enjoyment, not a hassle. Our water testing procedure is not your average run of the mill aquarium store type water testing. Our technicians use the latest and most accurate testing equipment for every water test we conduct. Our equipment allows us to give you extremely accurate results in parts per billion, not parts per million. Your water will also be microscopically examined for pathogens, viruses, and bacteria.

Water quality is the foundation of any successful aquarium.

Just as your body requires clean air to breathe, the marine ecosystem in your aquarium as requires a specific quality to not just survive but to thrive. Poor water quality can be responsible for nuisance algae and fish disease. Ensuring that your aquarium has the absolute best water quality will set you up for success.



ARC Reef is a state and federally licensed aquaculture facility, working to bring positive change for our coral reefs. We are strong proponents of sustainable aquaculture and the elimination of wild harvested reef products. We offer 100% aquacultured live rock for sale to retailers and the public.

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  1. How do I go about getting my water tested. I just received both the pink and purple coraline products.

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