Wholesale Live Rock

Become a distributor of ARC Reef products and get dry rock wholesale, live rock wholesale, bulk live rock, bulk aquarium rock, wholesale coralline algae in a bottle, and other wholesale aquarium rocks.

We offer great pricing and volume discounts on all our wholesale Live Rock, wholesale Dry Rock, and wholesale coralline algae products. If you are an aquarium products retailer, local fish store, or online retailer, contact us now to get started. We fully support local businesses and offer you the tools to succeed. Carry the best looking live rock around at unbeatable wholesale pricing.  You’ll also be helping to save our global reef systems by purchasing our U.S. Certified Aqua-cultured products, all grown right here in the U.S.  If you have limited space to work with you may still qualify for our bulk aquarium rock and other bulk products discount. We offer discount plans that will ship our products weekly or monthly right to your storefront, so you’ll always have the best selection in town regardless of the size of your display or holding tanks. For online retailers and distributors, we also offer drop shipping as a convenient option as well.

Fill out this form and we will contact you back within 48 hours, or call us any time at 800-268-7625 or 800-268-ROCK

Dry Rock Wholesale

  • Our wholesale dry rock is an ultra-premium, all white, extra holey type of medium density and weight calcium carbonate. In fact, they are the lowest density dry rock available that is aquacultured. All of our cultured rock is 100% silica free and mined in a sustainable and environmentally way from within an aquifer, resulting in a pristine ultra white appearance that is free of dense minerals and metals.  Every individual dry rock is cleaned and completely sanitized using high-pressure steam. We then drill several 1/2″ holes in each rock to accommodate coral frag plugs in the future.  There is no other company that puts all their wholesale aquarium rocks through this rigorous 4 step process except for ARC Reef. We take extreme pride in the end product and guarantee that your customers will always be coming back for more.
  • Our wholesale dry rock does not need to be cured or soaked in any way. All our wholesale aquarium rocks and reef rocks originate from inside a freshwater aquifer prior to being mined, so essentially they have already been cured for many years.
  • 20% of proceeds from every sale goes directly towards our reef rebuilding efforts.  Our wholesale aquarium rocks are no exception.  Your customers will be happy to know that their purchase has directly made an impact on marine conservation projects.

Coralline Algae Wholesale

  • We offer 2 product offerings for bulk wholesale coralline algae in a bottle.  Purple Helix Coralline Algae in a bottle and Pink Fusion Coralline Algae in a Bottle. Purple Helix contains 7 species of coralline algae and Pink Fusion contains 6 species.  Both products can be mixed together for even better results.  Each bottle treats up to 50 gallons.
  • Great for newly set up tanks.  Every bottle contains beneficial nitrifying bacteria which helps to cycle new tanks much quicker.  Our bacteria are all marine evolved bacteria species and work better in the long run than bacteria that are non-specific such as those in bottles that can sit on a shelf for a year.  While the benefit of having a long shelf life is useful, we feel the benefits of extremely fresh marine specific bacteria far outweighs a long shelf life.  The majority of colonies from those products will eventually be replaced by marine evolved bacteria such as our, so it is more beneficial to simply start with correct species from the beginning. Doing so will also help to avoid numerous soft cycles that a tank will go through when other bacteria species will be replaced.
  • Great for mature tanks.  Our coralline algae products all contain highly epiphytic species of algae. This means that every species that we help seed in your tank has a natural defense mechanism to fight off nuisance algae, diatoms, and cyanobacteria.  Every species is of a vibrant and beautiful color, but also serves the purpose of actively fighting the spread of nuisance algae, and in turn, creating a healthier aquarium that has great biodiversity that is easier to maintain.
  • Excellent buy-back incentives. We know that live products have their own inherent risks, we completely alleviate this risk for you.  We buy back all bottles that expire while in your possession. We call this the infamous “triple win”. We win by maintaining an excellent reputation knowing that a customer will never have a dead or expired bottle, you win by never having to cover the cost of an expired product, and the customer wins by always knowing that they have the freshest and most concentrated product available.
  • 3 Tiers of bulk wholesale discounts. We offer 3 tiers of discounts ranging from 20-40% off dependant upon the volume of sales. Our 40% off wholesale discount also includes product white-label branding.  We will add your store information and logo to our bottles, ensuring that when the customer needs to reorder, they will always return to you.
  • Giving back to marine conservation efforts.  20% of proceeds go directly back to rebuilding coral reefs offshore.  Customers love that by purchasing any of our sustainable aquacultured products that they are directly helping to rebuild coral reefs and to help ensure that this hobby is around for future generations to enjoy.  Choosing sustainable products alone is not enough, customers love being apart of something greater than themselves.  We firmly believe that you don’t have to be a non-profit organization to make a difference and we are immensely appreciative that through our product sales our customers can make that bit of difference that matters. We are part of the 3rd largest reef-tract and Florida has lost over 85% of its corals in just 20 years.  Together we can bring them back.  ARC selectively breeds only corals colonies that are less susceptible to external stressors. Rebuilding reefs only works when done the right way.

Live Rock Wholesale

100% Aquacultured Live Rock.  We are a state and federally licensed aquaculture facility.  Your customers will appreciate that your business is helping to preserve our natural reefs and protect what reefs remain. We all got into this hobby because of our love and fascination with marine life.  ARC Reef’s Aquacultured Live Rock is a sustainable product that is environmentally friendly and the right choice. For every 1 lb we sell we plant 10 lbs of new reef material.

Requires little or no curing.  ARC Reef Live Rock will never require long curing times like Fiji and Pukani.  Our Live Rock can usually be dropped straight into your display tanks and is ready to be immediately purchased by your customers.

Fast and reliable delivery. Set up a delivery schedule or order as needed.  We ship from Miami, FL 7 days a week. You never have to wait for our Live Rock to clear customs and you’ll never get a delayed or canceled orders due to CITES quotas.

Direct from the farm.  Our wholesale pricing is the lowest in the industry. We are the farmers who drop the dry rock, we are the divers that harvest the Live Rock, and we are the licensed facility that packages and ships every order. Our wholesale live rock pricing is “rock” bottom because there is no middleman and we pass along every penny saved in the process.

Premium quality Live Rock.  Our Live Rocks are fully encrusted with coralline algae and packed with life. We carefully hand pick every rock.  We select only the most interesting shapes, with plenty of holes and ridges.  Our wholesale Live Rock started out as our ARC Reef Dry Rock in the beginning. They are all Calcium Carbonate based and the ancient skeletal remains of a coral reef. They are the lowest density of any Aquacultured Live Rock on the market. We also offer wholesale Live Sand as well.

We offer drop shipping options.  If you are an online vendor or have an online storefront we offer our drop shipping option.  No need for a holding tank or any space at all.  Simply set up an account with us and we will promptly package and ship each order that you receive for our products, directly to your customer.  All drop shipping orders contain no ARC Reef labeling or contact information and will contain a packing slip with your company’s header.

100% Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.  If you are unhappy at any point with your selection, even if your customer accidentally destroys these wholesale aquarium rocks for any reason, we will exchange them for a brand new selection absolutely free of charge.


Due to the extensive damage to our reef from hurricane Irma, we are currently not taking any new orders for wholesale live rock until March 1st. 2020. We are still accepting new vendors for other wholesale aquarium rocks such as dry rock wholesale and coralline algae wholesale. We deeply apologize for this delay, we are working as quickly as possible to resume normal operations and fully rebuild our massive artificial reef offshore. We thank you for your understanding during this difficult time.