Wholesale Live Rock

Are you a retailer or current Live Rock wholesaler?  Become a distributor of ARC Reef Live Rock and get top quality 100% aquacultured premium Live Rock at deep wholesale discount pricing.

We offer great pricing and volume discounts on all our Live Rock and Dry Rock products. If you are an aquarium stock retailer, local fish store, or online retailer, contact us now to get started . We fully support local economies and offer you the tools to succeed. Carry the best looking live rock around at unbeatable wholesale pricing.  You’ll also be helping to save our global reef systems by purchasing our U.S. Certified Aqua cultured products grown right here in the U.S.  If you have limited space to work with you may still qualify for our volume discount. We offer discount plans that will ship our live rock weekly or monthly right to your storefront, so you’ll always have the best Live Rock in town regardless of the size of your display or holding tanks. For online retailers and distributors we also offer drop shipping as a convenient option as well.

Fill out this form and we will contact you back within 24 hours, or call us any time at 800-268-7625 or 800-268-ROCK

100% Aquacultured Live Rock.  We are a state and federally licensed aquaculture facility.  Your customers will appreciate that your business is helping to preserve our natural reefs and protect what reefs remain. We all got into this hobby because of our love and fascination with marine life.  ARC Reef’s Aquacultured Live Rock is a sustainable product that is environmentally friendly and the right choice. For every 1 lb we sell we plant 10 lbs of new reef material.

Requires little or no curing.  ARC Reef Live Rock will never require long curing times like Fiji and Pukani.  Our Live Rock can usually be dropped straight into your display tanks and is ready to be imme diately purchased by your customers.

Fast and reliable delivery. Set up a delivery schedule or order as needed.  We ship from Miami, FL 7 days a week. You never have to wait for our Live Rock to clear customs and you’ll never get a  delayed or canceled order due to CITES quotas.

Direct from the farm.  Our wholesale pricing is the lowest in the industry. We are the farmers who drop the rock, we are the divers that harvest the Live Rock, and we are the licensed facility that  packages and ships every order. Our wholesale pricing is “rock” bottom because there is no middleman and we pass along every penny saved in the process.

Premium quality Live Rock.  Our Live Rocks are fully encrusted with coralline algae and packed with life. We carefully hand pick every rock.  We select only the most interesting shapes, with plenty of holes and ridges.  Our Live Rocks started out as our ARC Reef Dry Rocks. They are all Calcium Carbonate based and the ancient skeletal remains of a coral reef. They are the lowest density of any Aquacultured Live Rock on the market.

We offer drop shipping options.  If you are an online vendor or have an online storefront we offer our drop shipping option.  No need for a holding tank or any space at all.  Simply set up an account with us and we will promptly package and ship each order that you receive for our products, directly to your customer.  All drop shipping orders contain no ARC Reef labeling or contact information, and will contain a packing slip with your company’s header.

100% Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.  If you are unhappy at any point with your selection, even if you accidental destroy your rocks for any reason, we will exchange your old ones for a brand new selection absolutely free of charge.