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Our Dry Rock is premium hand selected Base Rock. Extremely porous and chock full of holes and crevices. Tested to have lower phosphate levels than Fiji and Pukani Dry Rock and they are completely environmentally friendly.  For every pound of Dry Rock purchased we deposit 10 lbs. of new reef material back into the ocean. Every purchase is helping to build back our natural coral reefs, right here in the US.

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Product Description

Dry Rock (Base Rock) For your Aquarium and Saltwater Fish Tank

Every piece of our Dry Rock is individually selected by hand for it’s extraordinary appearance, unique shape, and maximum porosity. Only about 5% of dry rock that we examine will make the cut and be branded ARC Reef Dry Rocks.


Why ARC Reef Dry Rocks are the Best Aquarium Base Rock

  • All our Dry Rock and Live Rock are calcium carbonate based and make an excellent calcium and alkalinity buffer for saltwater aquariums and fish tanks.
  • They are mined from inside the earth and not from a coral reef. They are a byproduct of mining for more dense materials that are found deep bellow this very porous type of dry rock.
  • Lab analysis shows that our Dry Rock contains less than half the phosphates contained within Fiji Dry Rock, and nearly 400% less than Pukani Dry Rock.
  • Our Dry Rock is the premium Swiss cheese type of Dry Rock that is so highly sought after.
  • We encourage custom requests for specific shapes and sizes free of charge and we try our best to pick every order exactly as you requested.
  • Requires absolutely no curing and is ready to be dropped into your saltwater fish tank or any marine aquarium.
  • Comes with our 100% Unconditional Lifetime Warranty – unhappy at any point with your selection, even if you destroy your rocks for any reason, we will exchange your old ones for a brand new selection absolutely free of charge.
  • Sustainably harvested and environmentally friendly.  Every purchase helps us to replant coral reefs right here in the U.S.  We’ve created over 43,500 sq. ft. of new coral reefs so far.


How Much Dry Base Rock do I Need?

We recommend using only a portion of dry rocks in your aquarium, dry rocks do not contain coralline algae or all the beneficial bacteria and marine life that Live Rocks contain.

1-1.5 lbs. per gallon is the common ratio of Live Rock for normal tank situations. 2 lbs per gallon if your aquarium will be heavily stocked and you tend to over feed your fish regularly or if your Live Rocks will be the only biological filter for the tank and you are not using a sand-bed. The more Live Rock you have the more stable your chemistry will be.  Live Rock provides superior biological filtration, and is essential for the long term success of any aquarium.

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ARC Reef’s Cleaning Process

Once selected, every Dry Rock is then soaked and cleaned with pressurized water at our quarry location to remove any sand and silt.  After being transported to our warehouse every rock is cleaned again one final time with pressurized steam.  This intense cleaning process also aids in creating more holes and crevices inside each rock. Much care and work goes into this lengthy process and that is why we label them as ARC Reef Premium Dry Rock.


Environmental Impact Statement

One of the most disturbing actions in the marine aquarium trade is that there are many companies that are breaking up the reefs with destructive methods like dynamite and crowbars. They are removing healthy sections of the reef from the ocean and bleaching them in the sun to kill off all life and corals contained on and within the rock, then once all life on the rocks are completely dead, they spray them down and export them to the U.S and other countries calling them “Dry Rock”.  So when consumers in the U.S. are purchasing Dry Rock that came from the Indo-Pacific such as Fiji Rock and Pukani Dry Rock, they are actually purchasing “Live Rock” that has been killed and reclassified as Dry Rock. This is the reason why these so called “Dry Rocks” require up to 6 months of curing time. Retailers of these products try sprucing up this practice with buzz lines like, “Picked fresh from the ocean”, or “100% naturally collected”.  No matter how they phrase it, it means that someone went into the water and pulled apart a living coral reef to sell.  In the U.S. this is considered a felony which has a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.  Many countries including the U.S and Bahamas have banned this destructive practice years ago,  yet the U.S. still remains the top importer of “Dead Dry Rocks”.  There are many aquaculture facilities in the U.S. that sustainably farm Live Rock and Base Rock, we implore you to please choose any one of us and let our natural coral reefs stay in the ocean where they belong.  We are losing our coral reefs at an alarming pace and it is shocking to find that hobbyists with a dire passion for the marine ecosystem could unknowingly aid in its own destruction.  Once our coral reefs are gone, they are gone forever.  Please say no to wild harvested Dry Rock and Live Rock products.


Return Your Unused Portion of Dry Rock for a Refund

If you order too much, just return your unused portion.  We will accurately weight your returned portion and issue you a refund back to the credit card that you used when you placed your order.


100% Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

All ARC Reef products come with our 100% unconditional lifetime warranty.  We stand behind all our aquacultured products for their entire life and yours!  If you are unhappy with your Dry Rocks, Live Rocks or Live Sand in any way, crash your tank, or simply need to start all over again, we will replace your purchased item free of charge for the full lifetime of your ownership.


5 reviews for Dry Base Rock

  1. Peter Kipling

    Great Dry rock, I had a mix of big round and oval pieces and a few flat long ones that worked out great as shelf rock. Arrived fast and undamaged. Now that I have my base down I’ll be placing an order for your premium live rock asap so I can get the tank looking snazzy. It was more holey than my Fiji Pukani live rock too, that might be worth mentioning.

  2. Brian Kendricks

    I thought I was going to need to glue these base rocks together but they locked together tight and never budged, they are very holey, tank looks great now.

  3. Kimberly


  4. Rob Wallace

    Got half dry rock half live rock and some sand. Very happy with all of it. Was better than expected. Will buy again.

  5. Hampton

    Extremely satisfied! I purchased dry rock with a bonus coralline rock via Amazon. Arrived within estimated delivery timeframe, yet ARC apologized for any delay with a handwritten note and included bonus dry rock and SEVERAL bonus live rocks (all of which were completely coated in at least 5 different colors of coralline and chock full of colorful feather dusters and other critters!). Nearly a year later, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. Will only buy rock from here in the future, and excited to try the sand too!

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