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  • Live Rock – Help us Rebuild our Coral Reefs For Every Pound of Live Rock Purchased From Us, We Plant […]

  • Live Rock Products Guarantee We Stand Behind all our Products for their Entire Life and Yours!  All ARC Reef Live […]

  • Creation of New Coral Reefs With Your Help, We Have Created Over 43,500 sq. ft. of New Coral Reefs and […]

  • Arc Reef – Licensed Aquaculture Facility ARC Reef (Atlantic Reef Conservation) is a Licensed Aquaculture Facility Working to Bring About […]

  • Live Rock – Vibrant Color Our Live Rock’s Vibrant Color is all Natural and Never Dyed. You Could say they are […]

  • “People Protect What They Love.” Choosing Aquacultured Live Rock Helps Protect our Natural Coral Reefs for Future Generations

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Coralline Algae Guide for Live Rock Aquariums and Saltwater Fish Tanks
Coralline Algae – The Ultimate Guide

Coralline Algae – What is it? Coralline Algae is a type of red Algae in the order Corallinales. It is […]

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Live Rock – The Ultimate Guide

The role of Live Rock in an aquarium is a vital one. This guide helps to answer the many questions […]

Live Rock Curing in Rubbermaid Cured livrocks
Live Rock Curing – The Ultimate Guide

What is the Live Rock Curing Process? Live Rock Curing is the removal of dead and decaying matter from on […]

bobbit worm eunice aphroditois
Bristle Worms – Fireworms – Polychaete

Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Bristle Worms But Were Afraid to Ask.

bobbit worm eunice aphroditois
Bobbit Worm – Eunice aphroditois

The Bobbit Worm, or Eunice Aphroditois is a marine ambush predator

Heart Reef Miami by ARC Reef Atlantic Reef Conservation Live Rock
Heart Reef, Miami

Heart Reef – Miami’s very own massive living heart, viewable from the air The next time you have a flight […]

ARC Reef Live Rock Aquarium Live Rocks Fishtanks Salt Water Reef Tanks
ARC Reef Live Rock

Premium Aquacultured Live Rock by ARC Reef ARC Reef Live Rock is 100% Aquacultured right here in the US.  For […]

saltwater aquarium supplies - refractometer
Saltwater Aquarium Supplies Guide

Practical Buying Guide to Help Make Your Aquarium Experience Trouble Free.

Live Rock for Sale ARC Reef Aquacultured Fully Cured Liverocks for your aquarium or saltwater fish tank
Reefs Gone Wrong

Not all attempts at creating artificial coral reefs have been a success. Some attempts have even had downright disastrous consequences. We take an in-depth look at which man-made reefs have failed the worst and what we have learned from these colossal mistakes.