Coralline Algae & Live Rock

ARC Reef Live Rock

  • For Every Pound of Live Rock Purchased From Us, We Plant 10 Pounds of New Reef Material Back Into the Ocean. By Purchasing ARC Reef’s Aquacultured Live Rock you are Helping to Stop the Importation of Wild Reefs and Build Back our Coral Reefs Right Here in the US.

  • We Stand Behind all our Products for their Entire Life and Yours!  All ARC Reef Live Rock Comes With our 100% Unconditional Lifetime Warranty & a 30 Day Money Back Return Policy.

  • With Your Help We Have Created Over 43,500 sq. ft. of New Coral Reefs and Planted Over 200,000 Pounds of Reef Material.

  • ARC Reef (Atlantic Reef Conservation) is a Licensed Aquaculture Facility Working to Bring About Positive Change For Our Coral Reefs. We Provide Sustainable Options to the Aquarium Trade so That Future Generations Can Enjoy this Hobby as We Do Now.

  • Our Live Rock’s Vibrant Color is all Natural and Never Dyed. You Could say they are “Painted by Nature, Never by Man”.

  • “People Protect What They Love.” Choosing Aquacultured Live Rock Helps Protect our Natural Coral Reefs for Future Generations

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