Pink Fusion Coralline Algae

Pink Fusion Coralline Algae
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Pink Fusion® Coralline Algae in a Bottle contains 6 species of live coralline algae spores in varying pink varieties along with beneficial nitrifying bacteria. There is no faster way to turn your bare base rocks into beautiful and vividly colored live rock!

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Coralline Algae in a Bottle, Pink Fusion ®

Our beta testing is now complete.  Be one of the first customers to receive our all new PINK coralline algae strains.

After 2 years of development and 6 months in beta testing, we are excited to finally announce that Pink Fusion is now available!

Contains 6 species of Coralline Algae (pink, creamy light pink, fuschia, hot pink, lavender, and magenta).  Our pink coralline algae species do slightly shift colors depending on their environment especially with differences in lighting, Alkalinity, and magnesium levels but these species of coralline will generally stay within these different shades of pink.

If you are interested in our purple species of Coralline Algae, please see Purple Helix, Coralline Algae in a Bottle You can also combine both products to give you a combination of 13 different species, both pink and purple varieties of Coralline.

Coralline Algae in a Bottle is the ONLY product developed in a laboratory that contains actual live algae spores. Other similar products are simply a mixture of calcium and magnesium, both of which are already contained in all salt mixes, and are rarely ever lacking in a newly setup aquarium. If your levels are not low then using these “purple algae accelerators” provide absolutely nothing and we don’t want you to fall for the marketing hype.

Pink Fusion Coralline Algae in a Bottle is available only online. You won’t find it on the shelves of big chain stores because it is a live product and has a shelf life of only 14 days. Most marine bacteria will not survive more than a few weeks without oxygen and a source of energy. This is the reason for the effectiveness of this product.  Every order is bottled fresh and does not sit on a shelf for a year.


Coralline Algae & Nitrifying Bacteria:

  • Unique 2 in 1 formula contains both live coralline algae spores and active nitrifying bacteria.
  • Every bottle includes a minimum of 6 separate species of coralline, all with color variations of pink that will populate throughout your tank.
  • Pink Fusion algae strains are highly epiphytic stains that will help to out-compete other nuisance algae and diatoms.
  • Effective in improving water quality by controlling ammonia and nitrite levels.
  • Aids in rapidly establishing your tanks biological filtration using fresh multi-strain bacteria bottled on the day that it is shipped.
  • Highest concentration of beneficial nitrifying bacteria which remove harmful nitrogenous waste.
  • Helps cycle new fish tanks and eliminate new tank syndrome.
  • Safe for use in all reef tanks and with all species of fish and coral.
  • Establishes a natural organic balance in your aquarium.
  • 100% all natural formula. No sulfur, copper, or phosphates.
For saltwater aquarium use only.
Use when setting up a new aquarium, when adding new rock or substrate to your reef tank, and to boost the color and diversity of existing live rock.
Entire contents must be used within 14 days of bottling date. Every order is bottled on the date that it ships.
1 8oz. bottle treats up to 50 gallons. If your tank is more than 50 gallons it is recommended to use 1 bottle for every 50 gallons of tank volume. You cannot overdose your tank with this product.
We include a page of instructions and tips inside the package with your order. If you lose this paper you can also view it here: Coralline Algae Instructions


Purified seawater, lab-cultured pink coralline algae spores, nitrifying marine bacteria (heterotrophic, chemolithotrophic and autotrophic), calcium carbonate, potassium carbonate ion buffer.


Included Species of the Following Genera:
Goniolithon, Lithophyllum, Lithoporella, Metamastophora, Sporolithon, and Mesophyllum.


We ship our Coralline Algae Monday-Thursday via USPS First Class Mail. (3-5 days for transit)
If you order 2 or more bottles your shipping will automatically be upgraded to USPS Priority (2-3 days for transit).
Free Shipping for all orders.


Giving Back:
20% of the proceeds from every bottle is put towards building coral reefs. To date, we have added over 300,000 lbs of new reef material and over 43,500 sq ft of newly created coral reefs offshore in the Atlantic Ocean.  We hope to achieve our goal of 1,000,000 lbs by the end of 2021.  Thank you for being a direct part of our efforts.

Learn more about our purple, red, and pink coralline algae for sale here:  Coralline Algae – The Ultimate Guide 


Purple Helix & Pink Fusion® Coralline Algae in a Bottle® is developed and manufactured by ARC, a certified aquaculture laboratory licensed under the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and inspected by the Department of Agriculture.   If you are a licensed research laboratory, university biology department, or department of phycology, we offer individual species of all 13 species of purple and pink coralline algae for study.  Each specimen comes hermetically sealed in your choice of either 15mL or 30mL conical centrifuge test-tubes and ready for separation. For research inquiries and a current list of available species, please use our wholesale contact form.  Coralline Algae in a Bottle®, Purple Helix®, and Pink Fusion® are registered trademarks and intellectual property of Atlantic Reef Conservation (ARC Reef) 2019. Bottle contents are protected under a pending seed stock patent.  We actively enforce all rights against unauthorized resale of all modified species contained in our formulation.


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2 reviews for Pink Fusion Coralline Algae

  1. Wayne Rock (verified owner)

    This stuff is insane! I wish I could show pictures of the amount of coverage I have since my first bottle I used at the end of July. A little over three months later my rock has dime sized spots all over and my two power heads are totally covered in pink. If your parameters are stable it will grow super fast. My bottle I got last week was (lost by USPS) and All I did was send an E mail and they e mailed back in an hour with instructions and a tracking number for a replacement bottle! I did not even ask, that’s some customer service!! They are one of the last few places with real live rock and just full of life too

  2. Shawn Gomes (verified owner)

    This product absolutely works. One thing to remember is your tank’s conditions must be correct before adding this product.
    I started with dry rock and dry sand and no other sources of coralline. Within a month or so of adding the product, I have tiny 1/16″ to 1/8″ size spots of coralline all over the dry rock! I’m very happy with the results.

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