Live Rock

Live Rock
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Our Live Rock for sale is teaming with beneficial nitrifying bacteria and has much coralline algae but is not fully engulfed in corals, sponges, and other organisms just yet. Our standard cultured Live Rock is an excellent affordable alternative to our Premium Live Rock.  All ARC Reef Live Aquarium Rock is 100% Aquacultured and not taken from a wild coral reef. For every pound of Live Rock purchased we deposit 10 lbs. of new reef material back into the ocean. Every purchase is helping to build back our natural coral reefs, right here in the US.

Price shown is per lb.  (quantity of 50 = 50 lbs.)

Out of stock

Live Rock For Sale For your Marine Aquarium and Saltwater Fish Tank

On March 13th ARC Reef repurposed a portion of our facility to manufacturer much-needed Hand Sanitizer & PPE.  We were able to donate 100% free of charge over 9,000 bottles and 6,000 face masks to hospitals, nursing homes, shelters, and first responders.  This was all made possible from the 10% that was included in the price of these products to the public.  We thank EVERYONE who contributed to making this all possible.  We will be posting up photos of many of the smiling faces that this effort benefited.   As we convert our laboratory back to producing marine products over the next 2 weeks we have reduced the prices on all our PPE products to liquidate our remaining stock. 10% of proceeds from our remaining stock will still go to donating to facilities in need.  Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, this campaign has helped thousands of people during a very stressful time.   ~ Stay Safe