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If you are having any trouble growing coralline algae, this extensive guide is for you!

Some tanks and setups have issues growing Coralline Algae, we constantly get emails inquiring why their tank just won’t grow coralline even after several years,  we hope this guide will help to shed some light on possible issues that can affect coralline from growing in any particular aquarium.  Sometimes it can be as simple as using a miscalibrated refractometer or hygrometer.  We hope this helps each and every person achieve highly colorful rocks as a result of identifying their particular issue.  When in doubt, a 30-50% water change is usually enough to offset a system that is out of balance.

Did you purchase the correct amount?

To achieve results in our stated time-frame you need the proper concentration of spores.  1 bottle is needed for each 50 gallons or tank water (including sump)  If you have a 120 gallon tank and a 30 gallon sump, you will need 3 bottles (1 bottle for each 50 gallons).  If you purchased less than the recommended amount, yes it will still work but it will take much longer than the stated time-frame.  You also cannot overdose with this product, so if you need results sooner, you can double or triple the dose.

Have you waited the full time needed for Coralline to grow?

Have you waited the full time-frame of 8 weeks?  Coralline Algae reproduces in several different ways, tetraspores reproduce on their own timescale, and only when your water quality is the same as natural seawater, so it’s anywhere from 1 week to 8 weeks. Slightly longer if your tank runs cold, which will slow there metobolic reproductive rate down, or your levels are not in check, and shorter if your tank is fully cycled already.

Is your tank at a stable temperature between 78-82 degrees

All of our 13 strains of Coralline Algae are tropical species, they will not grow in very cold waters, and their reproductive rate is the fastest between 78-82 degrees.  We strongly recommend having a heater controller to eliminate fluctuating temperatures, if the temperature fluctuates too much or too often the spores will stay in a dormant like state until this is corrected.

This article is actively currently being worked on and will be finished by Monday June 30th, 2018…   Thank you for your patience and Happy Reefing!

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