We offer four different shipping options for live rock .  If you live on the west coast or in a location where ground shipping would take more than 4 days, then we strongly suggest for you to upgrade to one of our Air options in order to avoid having to cure your live rock. Please note that there is still a processing time of approximately 1-3 business days regardless of which shipping option is selected.

Next Day Air – Next Day Air is the most expensive option but also the absolute quickest way to get your live rocks. If you are looking to keep as much life and color on your live rocks as possible, then Next Day Air is the best option.  We ship out Monday-Thursday.

2nd Day Air: – UPS 2 Day Air will be delivered to your front door in 2 days, no matter where you live. If you choose our 2 Day Air option we will ship your order Monday-Wednesday, this insures that your Live Rocks will never sit in a warehouse over the weekend.

3 Day Select: – A great combination of speed and economy.  We ship out 3 Day Select every Monday & Tuesday to ensure that your package does not sit over the weekend.

UPS Ground: – Transit time varies by location (see map below) We ship all UPS Ground orders on Mondays and select areas on Tuesdays also. We do this to ensure that your package does not sit over the weekend. Check the map below, if it shows the transit time taking over 4 days, then we recommend upgrading to one of our Express Air options in order to receive your order in the best possible condition and in order to avoid having to cure your Live Rock.

Live Rock for Sale ARC Reef Aquacultured Fully Cured Liverocks for your aquarium or saltwater fish tank

• We charge no handling fees or package fees regardless of shipping option

• We will include heat packs or cold packs if needed at no cost to you

• You will be emailed a tracking link once your package ships

• You can select whichever shipping method best suits your schedule and budget

• All our live rock have our “Arrive Alive Guarantee”, and our “Lifetime Warranty”

Live Rock Curing Time ARC Reef Curing Live Rock How Long

Live Rock Shipping Comparison

Shipping by:

ARC Reef

Shipping by:


Live rock ships sealed inside 3 bags
Shipped wet with seawater
Packed with large prewashed cotton towel
Only shippers who use plastic containers
Use hot and cold packs to ensure best health
Offer 4 shipping services and speeds
Ships 7 days a week air, mon-wed via UPS
Arrive live guarantee on all shipping methods
Unconditional lifetime warranty

Live Rock Shipping Process

We pack all of our live rock shipments with extreme care and the utmost attention to detail.   After your live rocks are carefully chosen for you they are placed inside three separate, heavy duty 4 mil plastic bags that are waterproof. Several gallons of fresh seawater is then added to retain moisture. There is no need to ship live rock completely submerged, as water droplets inside the package will continue to condensate at the top of the bag and fall on the rocks during the evaporation cycle.  A large cotton cloth that has been prewashed and sanitized is also added to keep every inch of live rock wet and happy. We see other distributors using newspaper often and can’t stress just how bad that is for the live rock, the dyes and chemicals used on the paper will cause added stress and loss of life for your new live rocks.  ARC Reef will never use any materials that will harm your live rocks or their creatures. Each bag is sealed individually and then packed inside a heavy duty container. During the winter we use hot-packs, and in peak summer months we will add cold-packs to our packages to ensure that your live rock reaches you in the best possible condition.

Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

We are the only supplier of live rock that gives a 100% unconditional lifetime warranty on all our live rock and live sand.

ARC Reef Live Rock is so confident in it’s products that we give you a free 100% unconditional lifetime warranty. If you are unhappy with your selection in any way, even if you accidentally poison or crash your tank, no matter what the circumstances, we will replace your past order of live rock absolutely free of charge, just pay shipping cost and we will send you out a replacement order the very next day.

Being an owner of a salt water aquarium should be a relaxing and stress free hobby and we strive to give you peace of mind to help make that possible.

To receive a free replacement of your live rock or live sand simply email us at [email protected] and we will email you back with instructions.