Save our Reefs

Wild harvest of Live Rock is destroying reef systems all over the world. Our coral reefs are not a renewable resource. Once we lose these crucial reefs they are lost forever. 1 in 4 species in the ocean comes from a coral reef. Wild harvest practices usually involve using a crowbar or explosives to break apart the coral reefs into collectible size pieces. Once broken into manageable pieces they are then dried on the beach or at a shipping facility. Any corals attached are then removed, as any coral found on imported live rock is cause for seizure by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Department. Then the Live Rock is shipped dry inside cargo containers almost always by boat which takes 30-60 days and will land in Los Angeles, California where it will wait there until it passes through customs. From there it will ship to wholesale distributes and eventually to retailers before finally making its way to you. Nearly all life on these once Live Rocks has died off by this point and all that remains is some bacteria.   The curing process to remove these now dead organisms and get the rocks back to a sellable condition that will not crash a tank will take several weeks to months.

Please be responsible in this great hobby and look for aquacultured products.  ARC Reef Premium Live Rock for Sale,  ARC Reef Aquarium Live Rock for Sale and ARC Reef Aquarium Base Rock for Sale.

Coral reefs may hold the cure to cancer and other diseases.

Conservation of coral reef ecosystems is also important because the study of organisms inhabiting them holds significant potential for the discovery of new drugs, including antibiotics and anti-cancer agents, researchers believe.

In particular, reefs in tropical, less developed countries, such as Fiji, hold the greatest promise because of high species diversity and the tendency of organisms in these habitats to fight back against predators, competitors, and pathogens by evolving their chemical defenses. Entire species are being lost at dramatic rates as the live rock is harvested. As species are lost, we also lose the ability to discover the cures and medicines that they may hold for our future generations to come.  Please say no to wild Harvested live rock products.



ARC Reef is a state and federally licensed aquaculture facility, working to bring positive change for our coral reefs. We are strong proponents of sustainable aquaculture and the elimination of wild harvested reef products. We offer 100% aquacultured live rock for sale to retailers and the public.

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