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Our Live Rock for sale is teeming with beneficial nitrifying bacteria and has much coralline algae but is not fully engulfed in corals, sponges, and other organisms just yet. Our standard cultured Live Rock is an excellent affordable alternative to our Premium Live Rock.  All ARC Reef Live Aquarium Rock is 100% Aquacultured and not taken from a wild coral reef. For every pound of Live Rock purchased we deposit 10 lbs. of new reef material back into the ocean. Every purchase is helping to build back our natural coral reefs, right here in the US.

Price shown is per lb.  (quantity of 50 = 50 lbs.)

Out of stock

Live Rock For Sale For your Marine Aquarium and Saltwater Fish Tank

Our Live Rock is teaming with beneficial nitrifying bacteria and has lots of purple coralline algae but is not yet fully engulfed in corals, sponges, and other organisms just yet.  It will have some soft corals and Gorgonians starting to grow as well as some filter feeders, worms, pods, and inverts.  Our Live Rock is an excellent affordable alternative to our Premium Live Rock, the only difference between them is the amount of time that they have been growing in the ocean.  Our standard Live Rock has between 1 to nearly 2 years of growth on it.  Once it reaches 2 years old it will be reclassified as our Premium Live Rock. Regardless of which Live Rock you choose, you will not be disappointed one bit, we fully guarantee it with our 100% Unconditional Lifetime Warranty! If for ANY reason you are dissatisfied you can return or exchange your order as many times as you’d like.

ARC Reef Live Rock Has Many Beneficial Qualities

  • Our Live Rock for sale is the premium Swiss cheese type of Live Rock that is so highly sought after.
  • Usually requires absolutely no curing and is ready to be dropped into your saltwater fish tank or any marine aquarium. (not for freshwater tanks)
  • The highest concentration of beneficial nitrifying bacteria which remove harmful nitrogenous waste.
  • Establishes a natural organic balance in your aquarium.
  • Helps maintains proper tank pH and makes an excellent calcium and magnesium buffer.
  • Helps cycle new fish tanks and eliminate new tank syndrome.
  • Every Live Rock is populated with millions of beneficial bacteria and organisms.
  • Order by the lb. and get the exact amount you need for your tank.
  • At checkout give us your custom request for specific shapes and sizes free of charge and we try our best to pick every order exactly as you requested.
  • Aids in the dissolving of organic wastes like ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates.
  • Direct from the reef, you can’t possibly get it any fresher than this.
  • Contains a diverse ecosystem of life and is often the only manner in which to introduce such a vast array of species into a closed system such as your aquarium.
  • All our Live Rock and Dry Rock are calcium carbonate-based and have an excellent calcium and alkalinity buffer capacity to achieve stable water chemistry.
  • Comes with our 100% Unconditional Lifetime Warranty – unhappy at any point with your selection, even if you destroy your rocks for any reason, we will exchange your old ones for a brand new selection absolutely free of charge.
  • Lab analysis shows that our Live Rock contains less than half the phosphates contained within Fiji Live Rock and nearly 400% less than Pukani Live Rock.
  • Sustainably harvested and environmentally friendly.  Every purchase helps us to replant coral reefs right here in the U.S.  We’ve planted over 43,560 sq. ft. of reef so far. For every 1 lb. of Live Rock you purchase, we will replant 10 lbs. of new reef material.

How Much Cultured Live Rock will my Saltwater Aquarium Need?

Generally speaking 1-1.5 lbs. per gallon is the common ratio used for regular tank habitats.

If your aquarium or fish tank is heavily stocked or you tend to overfeed your fish regularly then we suggest up to 2 lbs per gallon. Other reasons for wanting 2 lbs. per gallon is if your Live Rocks will be the only biological filter for the tank, if you will not be using a sand-bed or if you are new to the hobby and this is your first marine fish tank. The more Live Rock you have the more stable your chemistry will be.  Live Rock provides superior biological filtration and is essential for the long-term success of any aquarium.

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Aquacultured Live Rock vs Pukani Live Rock vs Fiji Live Rock

ARC Reef Live Rock is 100% Aquacultured in a fully sustainable way.  By choosing acculturated Live Rock you’re helping to keep negative impacts from our hobby to a minimum. Fiji Live Rock and Pukani Live Rock are taken from coral reefs in Fiji and are impacting the environment to such a degree that nearly all other countries have banned this process years ago.   Please help protect our hobby by saying no to wild-collected Live Rock.  We are losing our reefs at an alarming pace.

Our coral reefs are a gift, and once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.   For every 1 lb. of Live Rock you purchase, ARC Reef will plant 10 lbs. of new reef material in the ocean.  To date, we have successfully replanted over 43,000 sq. ft. of living coral reefs added to the Florida Reef Tract. We plant these new reefs in areas that are barren and void of any life. We also offer our seed material to government agencies and other non-profits to help aid in boat groundings, bleaching events, and other reef-building projects.  Don’t let our love for coral reefs mean the end of them.

100% Unconditional Lifetime Warranty on All ARC Reef Live Rocks

All ARC Reef Live Rock products come with our 100% unconditional lifetime warranty. We stand behind all our aquacultured products for their entire life and yours!  If you are unhappy with your Live Rocks in any way, crash your tank, or simply need to start all over again, we will replace your purchased item free of charge for the full lifetime of your ownership.

We Take Returns for ANY Reason, at ANY Time!

Did you order too much? Downgrade your tank? Are you getting out of the hobby? We got your back!  Simply return all or just your unused portion. (The buyer is responsible for shipping them back.)  We will weigh your returned portion and issue you a refund back to the credit card that you used when you placed your order. Your returned rocks will not go to waste either, they will be placed back on the reef and will continue to live a long and happy life.


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6 reviews for Live Rock

  1. Hillary O

    Awesome live rock. My local fish store wanted $8.99 per pound for Fiji live rock that was all white and smelt like death. I’m glad i chose these because the coloring was way better and it came with a lot of cool hitchhikers that i watch at night. I like that these are aqua-cultured and not taken from a reef somewhere. The Fiji live rocks that “The Fish Gallery” on I-72 in Dallas were selling are a joke compared to these rocks and double the price. I recommend these and leaving natural reefs in fiji alone where they belong.

  2. Jaybird32

    Really nice!!! The gloves, the free coral frag, nice touch! I was definitely surprised by them and the coral is starting to open now. One of the rocks made a great shelf on top and I use it as a frag plug rack, works perfect. They lost a little coloring in the first couple of days, I think from the stress of shipping, but all the color came back and then some I think. Thank you.

  3. Kimberly

    Great looking live rock! I had called with some questions and they went above any beyond for me. Very happy with the extremely high level of service I received from them that I have referred several other friends to them. Great rock and it has been in my tank aquarium for over 4 months now and all has been perfect. Excellent choice going with their rocks and sand.

  4. Rob Wallace

    Very happy with the live rock and excited to tell everyone. Worth every penny.

  5. Jose Corria

    best live rock for sale anywhere, period nuff said.

  6. Justine


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