Latest Information on Your Order Status


We are working as quickly as possible to ship out all orders affected by the Hurricane Irma delay.  Please check back with this page for the latest shipping status, updates and photos of our recovery efforts.  Our last Harvest on the 9th had to be rescheduled due to a cold front that came all the way down to South Florida bringing with it high winds that made conditions too rough to go out.  The wind has died down now and we will be conducting our monthly harvest today the 13th and tomorrow the 14th


  Date of Next Harvest:         Wednesday December 13th & 14th . 9am-6pm  (Our offices will be closed during these 2 days) as all staff members will be on the water helping.

Degree of Certainty:           100%

  Order Shipping Date:

All orders will be shipping out on Monday December 18th. and Tuesday December 19th.  Tracking email will be sent on this date.  In order to ensure that all orders ship out timely we will not be able to receive calls on this date. For more information please email us and a member of our staff will return your email.  Thank you.



   We sincerely apologize for this delay and look forward to shipping your order out as soon as we possibly can.


Warm Regards this Holiday Season,


ARC Reef