Hand Sanitizer 2 oz Bottle

Hand Sanitizer 2 oz Bottle

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2 oz Pocket-Sized Gel Hand Sanitizer with dispenser.

70% Ethyl Alcohol. Kills 99.99% of germs.

Moisturizing formula with NO sticky residue. Contains aloe & vitamin E.

IN STOCK All Orders Ship Same or Next Day!


Remaining stock on hand is our FINAL quantity remaining.  This product was produced in a limited run to help supply PPE products when there were none available.  Our lab has been converted back to being a marine research laboratory.  We are so happy that the product was a hit and we thank everyone for all the amazing feedback we have received! Order now while we still have remaining stock available. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever!

2 Bottle Minimum.

Out of stock

Hand Sanitizer Gel 2 oz – IN STOCK – All Orders Ship Same or Next Day!

  • Pocket-sized hand sanitizer bottle.
  • Thick Gel Formula.
  • Every batch tested to ensure that all our hand sanitizer is at exactly 70% Alcohol.
  • Ideal for healthcare workers who need to reapply often.

Contains 70% Ethyl Alcohol, The Most Effective Amount

We Use Environmentally Friendly Ethyl Alcohol Only, Made from Minnesota Corn, NOT Made from WOOD ALCOHOL (Methanol)

moisturizing hand sanitizer aloe vera vitamin E

Moisturizing Aloe & Vitamin E Leaves Hands Silky Soft!

n95 fast shipping face masks hand sanitizer

We ship FAST! Order by 3PM and your order ships TODAY!

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2 oz Bottle of Hand Sanitizer – $6.99On Sale $1.99


10% Goes to Donations:
10% of the proceeds from every order go directly to help us supply hospitals, nursing homes, and front line workers free of charge.  We are providing approx 1,000 bottles of hand sanitizer and 500 masks every week at no charge to heroes. Thank you for helping us achieve this goal!


Every Order Helps Build Coral Reefs:
10% of the proceeds from every bottle goes directly to building coral reefs in the U.S.  To date, we have added over 43,500 sq. ft. of new coral reefs. Thank you for being a direct part of this project, it wouldn’t be possible without your help!



For the latest info on guidelines please visit: cdc.gov

Frequently Asked Questions

I see your Alcohol content is 70%, why not 100%?

70% is the most effective amount of alcohol.  Anything over 70% is less effective due to its evaporation rate.  To properly sterilize your hand’s it must be high enough to kill microbes but low enough that it doesn’t immediately evaporate from your hands.

Why is this more expensive then store bought hand sanitizer

We’ve created this product out of the need to get hand sanitizer into the hands of anyone wanting to protect themselves from the Coronavirus. We are a federally and state licensed Marine Research Laboratory.  We have repurposed 30% of our laboratory to creating sanitization products simply to fill the massive void currently going on.  Since we are not a hand sanitizer company we are forced to pay much higher pricing for all chemicals and materials needed for manufacturing.  Our cost to make this product is many times higher than a company such as Purell who contracts regularly for these materials.  We are forced to pass these higher prices on to the consumer in order to be able to manufacture this at all.  Pricing for the ingedients needed is going up nearly ever day, once our material costs are higher then our  products price, we will be forced to shut down production instead of raising the price any further. If for any reason the price for these ingredients go down we will certainly pass this along directly to you, although it is extremely unlikely that costs will go down in the near future. Our suggestion is to purchase sanitizer and anti-bacterial gels and sprays wherever you can as the shortage for these products is only expanding.


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